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Bible Study

New Bible Study Series

Pastor Judy will be starting a new Bible Study this month called Women in the New Testament by Dr. Suzanne Nicholson, a Professor of New Testament and an ordained Deacon in the UMC. She is hoping to start the study on August 23rd and would like to invite our church men to consider joining the study along with our women. Here is some information about the study:

“As a general rule, women had fewer rights, social status, and power than men in the ancient world in which the Bible was written. But Jesus regularly defied these social conventions, fulfilling his mission and purposes through faithful women and giving them dignity and purpose. In this 8-week study, Dr. Suzanne Nicholson highlights the qualities of several women in the New Testament that Jesus asks all believers to possess: faithfulness, persistence, and a boldness to follow him even at great personal cost to ourselves. These stories help us to better understand not only our own calling, but the very nature of the gospel itself.”

The Study books are $12.95 each.  Please let Pastor Judy know if you’d like her to order a book for you ASAP as she’d like to order them on August 7th. Also please let her know if you want to join the study but will be order the book yourself.  During each session we’ll watch a 10-15 minute teaching video by the author, followed by group discussion based on the video and the reading assignment in the study guide for each week.